The Maks and Lea Rothstein Charitable Youth Trust was established in memory of the families of Maks and Lea Rothstein, including Maks Rothstein's parents, sister, brother, and their children, and in memory of the millions of children who perished during the Holocaust. Mr. Rothstein believed that the tragedy of the Holocaust would possibly not have occurred if there had been a Jewish homeland during the years 1939-1945.

The purpose of the Trust is to benefit the Jewish people by supporting charities primarily in Israel. Mr. Rothstein's generosity was driven by his desire to assist disadvantaged youth and orphans, and to further their studies so that they could learn a trade or profession and become productive members of society. Mr. Rothstein expressed his desire to benefit those actively involved in Jewish life, tradition and values, and to support organizations that provide Jewish education and religious instruction to young people in Israel. Mr. Rothstein believed that the Jewish religion, tradition, and value system is the foundation of Jewish identity and Israeli society and culture.

The Trust meets three times a year and provides grants ranging from $3,000 to $100,000.
Grant requests will only be considered in response to a proposal submitted at our initiative.
Allocations will be made as grants which conform with the tax-exempt guidelines under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.